Paper Art Fashion from Jum Nakao

You know that there is a fashion designer that destroys his collection right after the fashion show? Bizarre, don’t you think?


The name of this designer is Jum Nakao from Brazil. He designs dresses made of paper that’s been laser-cut, carved, folded, and laced. The result is a beautiful collection of fragile dresses.

Nakao showed off his collection for the first time on the São Paulo’s Fashion Week in the summer of 2005. The manufacture of the collection took 700 hours to complete and almost 1 ton of paper was used.

An enormous amount of work and paper for the short life span of the collection. Just for 7 minutes the public could enjoy the collection. Right after the show the garments were on a dramatic way torn apart. This action is in itself an expression of art in its purest form.

Watch this YouTube Video to see the collection and the ‘torn apart’ act.

With this project Nakao wanted to show that it does not matter what material clothing is made of. Generally people only value materials such as gold, silk, bronze and so on. But in fact it does not matter at all.

nakao-1 (2)

It shows people that their values need to be reanalyzed, that materiality doesn’t matter. That is why we destroy everything, to show that there is something more important, something much more lasting than what people see and value at first sight.



Africa Fashion Week Eyecatchers

Today I came across pictures of the Africa Fashion Week London. The colourful and tribal designs, the african prints caught my eye and I fell in love with it.

Africa Fashion Week (
African Fashion Week (

The winner of the Young Talent Award at the Africa Fashion Week was AAugust, a new upcoming brand designed by two african women.

Design: Aaugust (

This is a piece of The WARRIOR COLLECTION, a colourful collection inspired by multiple things. The two designers, black Zambian born women, wanted to incorporate their culture and upbringing in this collection.

“We want to inspire a generation to look at black women differently, to embrace and be acceptance of CULTURE. Fashion is born of instinct; it’s how you want the world to view you”