3D print collection by Noa Raviv


How beautiful are these 3D printed artwear items from Noa Raviv. Noa is a young Fashion, Designer graduated at Shenkar College of Design in Ramat Gan, Israel. Currently living in New York.

noa+raviv+graduate+collection8       noa+raviv+graduate+collection19        noa+raviv+graduate+collection20

In this graduate collection with its integrated 3D print elements, grids and complex flat pattern designs she explores the perception of hard and soft while interacting with eachother. By applying the grids the forms bubble up. The textiles are in black and white and by applying just little accents of orange she was able to create these optical illusions in which it is not quite clear which parts of the fashion designs are flat and which ones are curved.  It is very intriguing.

“While working on a 3D software, I was fascinated by the grid shown on the 2D screen and the way black repetitive lines define voluminous objects. I’ve translated those lines into textiles that creates this sort of optical illusion.” (source: http://3dprint.com/12682/3d-printing-fashion/)